Welcome to St. Joseph Preschool

St. Joseph Preschool is a program dedicated to acclimating young children to a school setting that fosters growth, the development of interpersonal skills and a positive self-image. The development of your child is encouraged through wonder, discovery and new experiences.

St. Joseph Preschool promotes Christian values in a challenging, creative and comforting atmosphere.  Our teaching staff is qualified, experienced and sensitive to each child’s development.


Our developmentally appropriate curriculum is based on the individual as well as group needs of the children.   We will provide support and activities to help each child develop his/her individual interests and skills.  We will always emphasize the positive, letting children know what they have done well rather than what they have done incorrectly.   Individual, small group, and large group activities, quiet and active play, and a variety of materials and experiences will allow us to provide opportunities for each to grow in all aspects of development - cognitive, social, fine motor, gross motor, language and self-help skills.   We will emphasize creativity and self-expression.   Opportunities to explore, experiment, and make choices will be provided throughout the day.

Your child will participate in a multitude of hands-on activities that will help stimulate enthusiasm for learning and accomplishment.   These experiences have been designed to generate fresh excitement about discovering the world in which he/she plays such an important part.   This is accomplished through a learning center environment that includes:

  • Circle Time
  • Language Arts
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Science/Math/Computer
  • Playtime

Our goal is to provide a variety of opportunities to stimulate each child’s growth and learning in a caring, relaxed, pleasant and fun-filled atmosphere.


St. Joseph Preschool - 724-816-0946

Preschool Coordinato - Amy Majersky

Preschool Aide - Tara Corace

Preschool Email -

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